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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Featured Family Journey: Trying to make a program better for son with Autism

Featured Family Journey

As part of this blog, I decided to interview some of the families we serve at ABCs for Life Success.

Their journeys are so instructive, and inspirational, I hope that families and educators will benefit. 

The first mom I interviewed is an extraordinary parent.  Despite grave concerns about her son's placement, she agreed to try it out.  Her son, now an 11 year old with Autism, has always attended a full time special education program with fairly intensive related services.  You will hear her talk about his initial diagnosis to today's breakthroughs, and how she moved from scared and upset to an in-action advocate. 

Here is the interview:

She discusses how professionals, family, and experts helped her along the way, and her dreams and goals for her child's future.  I don't think you will regret spending 41 minutes listening to her talk with me.

She wrote to me after listening to her interview.  She wanted to emphasize how confusing it is to get different advice from different experts.  Unfortunately, I have heard that from parents many times over the years.  She wrote, "in my quest (more like desperation) to find an answer I sought answers anywhere and everywhere. I used a genetic therapist who put (my son) on various medications and I "saw" improvement so I continued to use them. It was only in recent months that my journey took me to another specialist that questioned the medications and after 2.5 years decided to discontinue them.

As a parent I want to do what I can to give my child that extra boost and some times I don't always make the right decision. I feel like I am at a lost because this is uncharted territory for me -in all of my years of education and my work experience I don't have the answer and seek help anywhere I can.  I've beat myself up because I was reluctant to give him the medication because as a Dr - their oath is to do "no harm" but I realize everyone has an agenda".
I hope you will take time to comment and tell me if listening to this interview somehow made a difference for you, or helped in your advocacy journey. 

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