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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Don't Let RtI delay Services

Let RtI work for your child, but don't let it delay services or evaluation. 

What is RtI?
Response to Intervention is the name of an evidence based process for solving and addressing acadmic or behavior problems in students of all ages. The basic idea is to

School Success for Kids with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders


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Provide an intervention with fidelity
Collect data and monitor progress
Determine if changes should be made

Make the changes

FLORIDA guidance on the use of RtI


MARYLAND guidance on the use of RtI

I started off giving you these two links to two of my favorite state's guidances on the use of RtI, Response to Intervention.

Here are some 'red flag' phrases you may hear in a multidisciplinary team meeting that may show you that you need to use your advocacy skills and knowledge to inquire further:

What you may hear: 
"We are still under RTI for your child, so we can't do an evaluation".
Your response: 
Write a letter formally requesting an evaluation in all areas of suspected or known disability.

RtI is used to put interventions in place. RtI always involves a full team and parents.  Data monitors progress. 

Don't let the use of RtI delay the evaluation or identification of your child's educational disability.

Contact us today if you need a free consultation.  Don't go to another IEP meeting without understanding your and your child's basic rights.

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  1. Michelle,
    Good information on RTI, especially for parents who may be wondering how the process works. Well done.
    Michael Maloney,