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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Academic Assessment: The time is now!

Let me conduct a comprehensive academic assessment for your child. 


  • Find out how your child is reading, writing and doing math.

  • Learn whether your child is making academic progress.

  • Find out if your child is on grade level. 

  • Help developing 504 or Individualized Education Plans.

  • Ample time spent processing findings and recommendations. 

  • I am an independent examiner. 

  • Empower yourself to be an equal partner with the school team. 

  • Bring new information to the school for decision-making.

  • Use results for school placement. 

  • Recommendations are specific and evidence-based.

  • The school district will take longer, and may refuse to test.

  • The school district may not have experienced examiners. 

  • The school district will only use tests purchased by the district. 

How am I qualified?

  • University professor instructing how to conduct assessment.

  • Master's Degree in Special Education.

  • Highly qualified by test publishers. 

  • Over 30 years of assessing student skills and performance. 

  • Provide accepted tests by schools, with many options of tests.

Reading Tests:

  • Weschler Individual Achievement Test (III).

  • Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing .

  • Grey Oral Reading Test.

  • Grey Silent Reading Test.

  • Informal Reading Inventories.

  • Woodcock Johnson Diagnostic Reading Battery. 


  • Oral and Written Language Scales.

  • Test of Written Language. 

  • Curriculum Based Assessment of Writing.

  • Weschler Individual Achievement Test (III).


  • Key Math 3.

  • Weschler Individual Achievement Test (III).

  • Curriculum Based Assessment of Calculation, Problem Solving.


  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales.

  • Bender Gestalt Visual Motor Integration.

  • Social Responsiveness Scales.

  • Gilliam Autism Rating Scales. 

  • Functional Behavior Assessment.

  • Classroom Observations.

  • Teacher Interview.

Independent assessment is a great way to help you feel empowered to help your child, put into place the right interventions and make a difference for your child's education.

Let's get started!

Call me 301-526-8512
Email me
I will tailor the assessment plan to your child's needs, and schedule at a convenient time and location. 

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